Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here's a character design that I first presented on Facebook.  Meet Beau Gaston Rousseau, originally created with the name Beau Constrictor, now called THE SERPENT.

This is a hero idea that I whipped together over a weekend in response to a contest given by Stan Lee himself and Todd McFarlane for the best new character concept.  I don't know who or what actually won that contest, but I liked Beau well enough that I decided to keep him among my Ideas That I'm Not Using That Are Too Good to Discard, in the event that I wanted to work with him later.  This is actually the redesign of Beau to accompany his new call-sign.  I rolled the name "The Serpent" around in my head for a few days, as I at times do with the name of a new character to see how well I like it, and it stuck.

So, here's what I have on young Beau Rousseau.  He's a high-school student, age about 17, living in the Los Angeles area but originally from Louisiana.  His ancestry is part French and part Native American, probably Choctaw Indian.  His ambition in life is to be a professional fighter in those octagon fighting shows you see on Cable TV; you know, those Ultimate Fighting Champion-type shows where muscular guys wearing nothing but shorts enter the octagon and engage in all sorts of hand-to-hand combat.  (Which are meant to appeal to heterosexual males, but come on, who's kidding whom here?)  However, his family line has an interesting genetic predisposition.  Like many Native American tribes, they can enter into a rapport with an "animal spirit guide".  The identity of the animal is different for every individual.  Beau's guide happens to be a powerful constricting snake.  But here's the difference:  Beau has just the right genetic makeup that he can take on the physical attributes and powers of his guide.  And Beau's guide is not just a spirit, it is an inhabitant of another dimension and the nemesis of a malignant force called the Darknest, which would just love to invade our universe and our world.  When the Darknest threatens to strike, Beau must claim his heritage and become not just a would-be fighter in athletic competitions but the protector of Earth against a monster that would make monsters of us all!

That's the basic, rough concept.  I see the Serpent as a classic super-hero who will juggle battles against villains with the stresses of growing up, going to school, family life, friends, rivals, and a rich girlfriend with a disapproving father.  (For gay fans, don't worry about Beau being straight; I believe in having gay and straight characters coexist and there will be numerous gay heroes for the Serpent to interact with.)  

The Serpent retains the powers of the original Beau Constrictor concept:  to change all or any part of his body to a scaly, supple, and invulnerable reptilian-like form and elongate each of his limbs and his torso to a maximum length of 12 feet. In his Serpent form, he is strong enough to lift vehicles and demolish stone walls, and resistant to injury by most weapons. He can also stretch or compress himself to slip through cracks and under doors, and can climb rapidly up trees and walls. The Serpent is capable of tracking an enemy by scent, vibration, and heat signature. He can lunge and strike faster than the eye can follow, and entrap an opponent in his coiling limbs. He can squeeze an opponent hard enough to stop the breathing and the heartbeat, and even break bones. In his fully human form, Beau has the strength, speed, and endurance of a 17-year-old human boy accustomed to routine, strenuous physical training.

Villains and evil-doers of the world, beware:  Don't tread on the Serpent!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


The first 8 pages of The Adventures of Lucky Vega are now in the queue to be inked--as is this cover image.  I tried numerous different cover drawings before settling on this one.  When it's inked, the upper part about the "Kirby Krackle" will all be black with stars and meteor trails.  

Meanwhile, in the weeks ahead I'll be showing a number of character designs that reflect the intended long-term future of Quantum Comics, even beyond The Environauts, which is where Lucky's adventures eventually go.  Some people have seen these designs on Facebook already, but I'll be featuring them here as well, and you never know what other surprises I'll be coming up with.  So don't be a stranger; keep those visits coming to Quantum Comics Blog.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Paloma is down, but she's not nearly out.  Lucky does not immediately press the advantage he's gained.  "Are you all right?" he asks.

Paloma replies, "What have I taught you about being afraid to hit 'a girl'?  Against some opponents that could cost you.  In fact, that could cost you now if you're not careful!"

Lucky says, "You're the teacher!"  As Roger looks on, Lucky shuts off the energy sword of his duo-blade and swings it around to its other business end.  And from the targeting laser that the other end emits, we get our first inkling of the truly clever and versatile way that the duo-blade lives up to its name!  Our mock combat has just gotten even more interesting...

Monday, May 7, 2012


See what Lucky is doing with his gloved hand in Panel 1?  You'd think he was about to fire a line of webbing, but this is the wrong character and the wrong universe for that!  What he's really doing is activating the emitter in his glove for...the Vega Shield!  It's a personal force field whose original purpose we will learn as our adventure progresses, but for now Lucky and Paloma are field testing it in their mock combat on the Vega Estate grounds.  So far it's proving pretty effective--which is to say, effective enough to use as an offensive weapon with which Lucky gives his teacher a swat and sends her flying!  Lucky scores the first fall in the battle--but will he really be able to get past Ms. Reyes and break the Saturn-shaped pinata, emerging triumphant in her challenge?  We'll see...