Saturday, February 21, 2015


And now, another look at a character from the Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild Graphic Novel.  This is Tom, another lad who appears on the mysterious Island and will become a most important part of young Jon's life.  He's featured in The Jungle Jon Portfolio, which of course is available at this link.  Keep coming back for more previews of the Portfolio and the Graphic Novel in progress.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Here's a quick look inside The Jungle Jon Portfolio.  These are the master drawings of Jon himself that I'm using for reference in creating the pages.  As we go on, we'll see the masters of the other characters and a sneak preview of the first pages of the graphic novel itself, in pencil form.  The Portfolio is available as a PDF online right here.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


A while ago I dropped a hint about what I've been up to since the holidays.  Over the many weeks since then, I've had to deal with not just the holidays but a whole host of other things that have badly slowed me down and completely thrown the wrench into my works.  But now, at long last, the new project is up and running, and you can finally see

In deciding to switch to a new project for a while and give a rest to the other things I've been working on, I decided to go for what is surely the simplest (though of course not simplistic) of all my creations:  the illustration and graphic novel project from which I derived Wild Jon.  Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild is the earlier creation that I adapted for the Wild Jon concept.  

The Jungle Jon Portfolio is an introduction and preview for the graphic novel.  Here's an excerpt from the introductory text of the Portfolio:

"Our story takes place on a mysterious but beautiful tropical island.  The Island is a place where there can be nothing but warmth, sunshine, happiness, contentment, and pleasure--for it also happens to be a living intelligence and that is what the Island wants.  That, and to be someone's home.  The Island seeks out someone to be its master, someone who needs a better home and a better life; someone good and kind and beautiful.  It finds a boy named Jon and brings him to live on it, to enjoy all that the island has to offer--to be its Prince.  For all Jon's spectacular youthful beauty, for all the love and kindness in his heart, life in the world outside the island has made Jon sad, lonely, and despondent, filled with heartbreak and the fear of living in a world that truly loves nothing but greed and wealth.  Communicating through a being called the Voice of the Island, which takes the form of a stunning, exotic young man, the Island thus invites Jon to cast off everything in his life--even his clothes--and live there, wanting for nothing, removed from all hurt and harm.  It makes him truly the Prince of the Wild.

This Portfolio serves as an introduction to the story of Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild:  the initial designs of its cast of characters and a first look at the opening pages of the story in a "Director's Cut" form, prior to inking and coloring.  All are welcome on the Island, so keep visiting there and see all the sexy fun unfold with the story of Jungle Jon."

The Jungle Jon Portfolio contains material that is Not Safe for Work.  Download and enjoy it, but beware of where you open and look at it!

The Jungle Jon, Prince of the Wild Graphic Novel is now in production.  The final work will be released first as two individual issues, then as a collected Graphic Novel edition.  The Portfolio is now on sale at

In future posts, we'll be seeing more of the Portfolio and new pages of the Graphic Novel as they're completed, so stick around.  You've got a passport to the Island!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yes, I'm still here.  It's just been a tough time for me since I put up the last Christmas Card.  However, in the next week you're FINALLY going to start to see what I've had going on lately.  The new project has been delayed for week after week by holidays, death, illness, Arctic weather, a whole gauntlet of things.  But it's finally about to get up and running, so keep watching Quantum Comics Blog in the weeks ahead.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


And we're back for the holidays after a long absence which will be explained shortly, I hope to your satisfaction.  It's time now for the 26th annual unveiling of the most awesome holiday event of all:  THE QUANTUM CHRISTMAS CARD!  And here it is.

Making his fifth official Card appearance is Nature's Child himself, Jon Wilde, a.k.a. WILD JON, accompanied this year by boyfriend and lifemate Thomas "Tom" Tierney, who I believe is the first supporting character ever to appear on a Card.  As we look in on Jon and Tom on Christmas morning, we find them in the middle of opening their goodies--or at least some of them!

Now, as for what's been going on the past few months.  We were supposed to have had The Adventures of Lucky Vega fully up and running after that first sequence of strips.  But I've had a lot of personal things going on that put the strip in a stall, and after that loss of initial momentum I started to reconsider some things.  I was happy with the strip as I had it, but I started to realize that I wasn't completely comfortable with the comic-strip format, those tight bands of panels in which I was drawing the story.  I found I wanted the story and the artwork to have more room to be more expansive, as in a regular comic book page.  At the same time I found my heart wasn't really in the idea of starting the whole thing over yet again.  At length I reluctantly decided it was time to change my major project for a while and come back to The Adventures of Lucky Vega more refreshed and really ready to do it up right at a later date.  That left me with the question, to which project should I switch?

For the present state of my personal life, I decided that I should go with the simplest thing I have.  Not simplistic, just simple and comparatively easy to accomplish while trying to negotiate some other things I have going on.  There was only one choice, and it's something as imaginative as you would expect and as sexy as you would like!  As for exactly what the new major project will be...   I've already dropped a big hint, though you'll have to come back for further news to learn exactly what it is I'm up to.  

Meanwhile, please feel free to forward and share this cosmic Card to your friends and loved ones as always.  It's about giving.

Happy Holidays, everyone, from Quantum Comics Blog.  Ho-ho-ho!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hi, Quantum Fans.  It was back in April, I think, when I announced that The Adventures of Lucky Vega would be going back into production and would be back up and running soon.  Since then, except for the replacement of the Quantum Comics Blog Title Image (and I hope you like the Lucky Vega cast picture up there), nothing has been going on--at least here.  There have been a lot of things going on in my personal/family life that have caused me a lot of delays and a bit of stress and fatigue, which have affected my productivity.  The good news is that new Lucky strips are in the process of being penciled.  The bad news is that with everything I have going on, it's not going as briskly as it did before.  But is is going on and I wanted you to know that our saga will be going forward, once I've gotten the pencil work for a few more strips done and I'm ready to start inking them.  The short of it is, I'm still here and I hope you will be too.  Keep poking your head in; you're bound to see something sooner or later and I try to make it on the "sooner" side as much as I can!

Thanks; you're the best.

J.A. Fludd

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The Adventures of Lucky Vega is still on its way back to full production.  In the meantime I still have a couple of other things to show you.  As we've seen in prior posts, sometimes I reconsider the look of a character.  Until the characters are "official," i.e. appearing in an actual story, they remain "open" for fine-tuning and tinkering.  Here, then, is the update on a Lucky Vega supporting character and future Environaut, Lionel Marshall, who upon acquiring his super-powers will become the stupendous Stone!  

As originally conceived, urbane and erudite gay Lionel, a college boxing champion, was purely African-American.  In response to the evolution of my own family--an awesome melting pot of blacks, Italians, Jews, and most recently Asians that reflects the present evolution of America itself--I decided to reconfigure him a bit.  Lionel's official identity is African-American on his mother's side, Irish-American on his father's side.  But he's smart and brave and strong to the core.  I wanted to have one more pass at giving him the perfect look, and this time I think I've really got it.

Coming up next:  One more thing I wanted to see and show you, related to a recent post.  Then we'll be on hiatus for a while with the production of a new set of Lucky strips.  Keep watching, everyone!