Monday, July 22, 2013


I know it’s been a while since our last post at Quantum Comics Blog, but since that time I have not exactly been idle.  For that matter I haven’t even been Idol!  I took a break from the Blog for one reason and one reason only:  It’s time to start ramping up to the return of Quantum Comics itself.

It took me some time to figure out how to be productive about this in the way that I really need to be.  I had to shut down the original Quantum Comics Website for reasons of both health and productivity that left me simply unable to keep up with the work.  But I think now I’ve finally hit on the way to get comics done and actually get them out to entertain people, and the project to which I’ve decided to apply my new working methods is the one that I had initiated when I first started this Blog, which immediately went into another stall (which is why we’ve spent so much time here looking at the future of Quantum Comics while not getting to the present!)  My main project on the drawing board right now, and until further notice, is the official Webcomic version of the Environauts prequel, The Adventures of Lucky Vega!

My plan for The Adventures of Lucky Vega is that the series will consist of thirteen stories, presented in Webcomic strip form with a story structure like that of one season of the TV series Dr. Who.  Running subplots and plot threads will unify all the Lucky stories into a coherent whole, with everything coming together in a grand finale for the thirteenth story that will feed directly into the origin of the Environauts and the beginnings of the Quantum Comics super-heroes.  What illustrates this post is what would constitute a cover for a collected or bound edition of the first set of strips in the first Lucky story.  When we return--soon, I promise--we’ll start previewing the sensational strip itself.  I hope you’ll be here for the next phase of Quantum evolution.  You’re finally going to start to see our characters in the actual context of a story, with dialogue balloons and everything.  And keep following along as I will eventually be revealing some other plans for the strip besides just running the installments here on the Blog.

Thanks as always for visiting Quantum Comics Blog.  Now is the time when you most especially want to keep coming back.