Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hi, Quantum Fans.  It was back in April, I think, when I announced that The Adventures of Lucky Vega would be going back into production and would be back up and running soon.  Since then, except for the replacement of the Quantum Comics Blog Title Image (and I hope you like the Lucky Vega cast picture up there), nothing has been going on--at least here.  There have been a lot of things going on in my personal/family life that have caused me a lot of delays and a bit of stress and fatigue, which have affected my productivity.  The good news is that new Lucky strips are in the process of being penciled.  The bad news is that with everything I have going on, it's not going as briskly as it did before.  But is is going on and I wanted you to know that our saga will be going forward, once I've gotten the pencil work for a few more strips done and I'm ready to start inking them.  The short of it is, I'm still here and I hope you will be too.  Keep poking your head in; you're bound to see something sooner or later and I try to make it on the "sooner" side as much as I can!

Thanks; you're the best.

J.A. Fludd