Friday, December 18, 2015


I know it's been a terribly long time since we've had a post here on Quantum Comics Blog, and for this I blame life simply getting in the way.  I've had a lot of things going on, things that I've had to deal with personally, that have kept me away from the drawing board for an inordinately long time, and to be honest they've cost me a lot of the momentum and motivation for the work I'd been doing.  This has been to such an extent that I finally decided to shut down or put aside all of the work that I had been planning and come back to it later. For the coming year I'm also looking at starting things anew with different work, or fresh approaches to old work, and doing some major re-thinking of the ways in which I do things.  But we'll get to all of that when the time comes. For now, it's time at last for the most awesome holiday event of all, THE QUANTUM CHRISTMAS CARD!

Of course the holiday season would not be complete without a pulse-quickening panorama of pixels.  For this year we return to a prior theme with a twist.  Exactly ten Christmases ago I commemorated the release of the first Tim Story-directed Fantastic Four movie by bringing together the greatest heroes of all time that I didn't create with the greatest heroes of all time that I did.  That was the year the Fantastic Four and my own Environauts faced each other in a sizzling snowball fight!  This year in the Cineplexes there was a movie with the name Fantastic Four on it, which was in no way a reflection of the brilliant creation of Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby, and whose very existence I mostly ignored.  For the Quantum Card this year I decided once again to bring together the phenomenal Foursome and the ne'er-do-wrong Nauts--and not any bogus Hollywood makeover of the FF, but the real, genuine, no-screwing-around, honest-to-goodness Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four!  To make it even more fun this time I decided to throw in the arch-villains to boot!  Our 27th Card, then, pits both teams against the baddest of all the bad guys:  the Environauts' most mortal enemy Graeme Grimstead and Marvel's greatest figure of evil, Dr. Doom himself!

I hope this year's Card meets with your pleasure as you clobber and flame your way into 2016.  Until next year, Nauts to you.

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