Friday, March 29, 2013


Of late I’ve been thinking about the design of Draco Rex, whom you’ve met in previous posts.  Specifically, I’ve been wondering about his hair.  Should he wear it so short?  Declan Draco comes from an ancient Celtic culture that was “boosted” into super-advanced intelligence and technology by the space-time-traveling Varons.  Draco’s people possess power and knowledge that we do not, but in certain ways they’ve kept true to their roots.  They’ve retained their archaic English speech pattern, and while they’ve shed the supernatural beliefs of their “Goddess” religion, they still characterize the physical creative forces of the universe as female.  I wondered, being the warrior Prince of such a culture, would he really wear his hair short when it would probably be the custom for men to wear it longer, perhaps down to the shoulders?  So I did a little experiment to see how it would look, just a quick drawing in the sketchbook.  I admit I didn’t even reference the face with his master drawing; I just whipped out the old pencil and went at it.  For that matter I didn’t even bother with his costume; that wasn’t my interest here, only the locks.  Not a bad result for a first pass, I should think.

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