Saturday, April 14, 2012


Original page art for the very first Adventure of Lucky Vega has gotten under way.  The first Adventure is called "Interface," for reasons that will become clear as the story unfolds.  (Wait till you find out what incredible super-cosmic menace our young Lucky is going to have to face right off the bat!)  What you're seeing here is the artwork for the first two pages--or, more to the point, the revisions of same.  I did a first pass at these and a cover drawing earlier, and what happened then was what happens when you're a perfectionist and never satisfied with anything:  I got to thinking, Can I do these better?  So these pages are a "Take 2".  They are part of a Prologue that I created, set about 17 years before the time the main Adventures begin.

On these pages, Lorenzo "Lucky" Vega (we'll also learn later the origin of our hero's nickname) is about four years old when he's spending the evening at an observatory with his father, Dr. Esteban Vega.  Now Esteban is one of the coolest guys in the world.  Imagine a Steve Jobs type with that kind of money and that kind of computer/electronics empire behind him, and all the resources that that entails, who has committed himself to a vision of helping the human race perfect itself and pursue its destiny of leaving Earth and venturing out to live among the stars.  That's Lucky's Dad--or "Poppa," as Lucky calls him.  Here we see Esteban giving his little boy a glimpse of the wonders of the universe and telling him the future he foresees in which a better human race will embrace the Cosmos from which it came.  Lucky, who idolizes his Poppa, is properly awestruck.  Here's Page 1:

And Page 2:

For the original versions of these pages, I penciled in the heavy, flat blacks to be inked later on.  (You can guess that these would go in the shots of space, for example.)  For the revisions, to save time ("work smarter, not harder") I saved these areas for the inking.  We'll see the rest of the Prologue in the next post, then start to move on to the main story. 

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