Monday, April 9, 2012


This is the first post of the all-new Quantum Comics Blog.  Some years ago I had a Website called Quantum Comics that I created as a launchpad for a line and universe of comics of my own creation, with my own characters and my own stories.  For reasons of health, I wasn’t able at the time to keep up with the work and maintain Quantum Comics in the way that I wanted and make it the thriving concern that I had meant it to be.  But I have adhered to the ambitions that informed my work then, which have been with me since I was in school.  I have continued creating and planning.  I have refined my work, added to my ideas, and modified my methods.  And of late I have recommitted to a goal of recreating Quantum, better than it was before.  In this Blog you will see the works of Quantum in progress.  You will see characters being born and a universe taking shape.  I hope you will find you are seeing wonders coming into being.  Wonder is one of the most critical, key things that Quantum Comics is about.

Everything in Quantum will be based on a set of indispensable and uncompromising core values.  The values to be reflected in every hero (and many of the villains!) and every story are...


Oh, and one more value, never, ever to be parted with, is PERSONAL VISION--the deeply held personal vision of the creator.  This is because it is my own deeply held conviction that the best art AND the best commerce come from people doing what they believe in.  I expect that in the weeks and months to come we’ll be talking a good deal more about all the values of Quantum Comics, and my position on all of them.  I hope you’ll look forward to it as much as I.

All the stories I have planned for Quantum--and there is a universe of them that can go on for many years--will be designed to address a set of questions.  In the original Quantum Comics I called them THE BIG QUESTIONS.  They can be expressed in this way:

How will we be affected or changed by the discovery that we are not alone in the universe?
How do we use science and technology to broaden our horizons and improve our quality of life without destroying ourselves?
How do we nurture our connection with the living Earth and the creatures that share it with us?
What do we—or should we—believe about our origins, our destiny, and our place in the universe?
How do we overcome prejudice and superstition and embrace the diversity that is essential to our survival and growth?
What is the responsibility of the best and the brightest, the exceptional and the distinguished, to the world as a whole and the common people in it?  How do the exceptional and the common learn to respect and value one another?


The central project that I have planned for the return of Quantum is called The Adventures of Lucky Vega.  It is the prequel to the master comic of the Quantum super-hero universe, The Environauts.  To understand the premise, you might say The Adventures of Lucky Vega is about Challenging the Unknown before characters begin to acquire super-powers and things start getting Fantastic.  In the midst of seeing the work in progress for Lucky, you’ll also get to glimpse the future super-heroes of the Quantum Comics universe.  There will always be something beautiful and wondrous going on here, as there will be in the eventual comics themselves.

I hope you’ll be a regular visitor to the Quantum Comics Blog.  When I launched the original Quantum it was with the slogan “There’s a saga born every minute!”  This will be where the sagas are born again.

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