Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Adventures of Lucky Vega will resume soon.  But first, Quantum Comics Blog is proud to present something special for the holidays.

We’re about to see the always-anticipated unveiling of the annual QUANTUM CHRISTMAS CARD!  But this is a very special year, as 2013 marks the 25th year that I’ve been creating these heroic holiday offerings.  Think of that:  25 YEARS!  For the occasion, before we see the latest edition of the most wondrous Card of all, we first take a look back two and a half decades into the past.  Presenting once again: the first, THE ORIGINAL J.A. FLUDD CHRISTMAS CARD!  Yes, it's a souvenir of that time before the discovery of fire when I would physically print these things on card paper and mail them in envelopes with postage stamps.  It features heroes of the universe in which I first started creating characters, dating back to high school!  (Yes, that far, believe it or not!)  Some of the concepts of this earlier, pre-existing universe still survive in altered forms in my present work.  For this historic occasion, then, a peek way back into history!  Then, after this little time warp, scroll directly down below this post for the official unveiling of this year’s Card!

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  1. Wonderful Joe! I look forward to your card every year.