Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It’s QUANTUM CHRISTMAS CARD time again! Can there be a more awesome holiday event than the annual unveiling of the cosmic Card?  Short of the appearance of Father Christmas at Macy's Parade, methinks not!  But this year's Card marks an extra-special occasion, for it is in fact the 25th annual Card!  Our tradition is now a quarter of a century old!  Bear in mind, since not everyone has known me or looked at my work for 25 years, only a very few people have actually seen the Card every year since I started.  And for some years there were actually TWO Cards, one of which went only to gay men and heterosexual women.  It's true.  But this is the 25th year in all that I've been creating these heroic holiday offerings, so for 2013 I wanted to do something really memorable.  So in the midst of production I made a critical decision and called out to the assembled Quantum heroes:  "Okay, lads, costumes off this time!  We're making it a SWIMSUIT EDITION!"

Everyone got on board for this, even Cirrus of the Environauts, who's very straight-but-not-narrow and prefers to strip only for his very fortunate girlfriend.  His little brother Aquarius, who's a model on the side, cajoled him into it.  "Come on, Trey, the Boss says costumes off.  Take one for the team…"  Wild Jon, Draco Rex, and Seastorm (making his debut this year) were game for it on the spot, as their standard or preferred outfits are either very revealing or almost nude anyway.  The World Champion, who publishes a men's fitness magazine, doffed his duds without hesitation.  The Serpent (also appearing for the first time), whose ambition other than to be a hero is to be one of those "octagon fighting championship" guys you see on TV, duly shed his suit; you know those guys do their fighting in nothing but their boxer briefs anyway.  (And this is supposed to be entertainment for straight men…)  And the also straight-but-not-narrow Satellite, another hero making his Card debut, has one of the best costumes ever but was willing to take it off for the entertainment of any ladies watching.  And so, here we have the 25th official Card in all its glory, and the tradition goes on.

As always, the Card is free to share with friends and loved ones as you desire, with my compliments.  Cheers and greetings from Draco Rex, Wild Jon, The Quantum, Idol, Seastorm, Cirrus, The World Champion, The Satellite, The Stone, Lucky Star, The Point, The Serpent, Aquarius, and their creator.  And may you all have a historically happy Holiday Season!

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