Saturday, January 25, 2014


We take our leave of Lucky himself just for a moment to have a look at what's going on in a little apartment in North Hollywood where another member of our cast is just waking up.  Roger's big brother, Warren Blaisdell III, commonly called just Trey, has not had an easy time in his young life.  He is what people used to call "a wayward youth".  Make that VERY wayward.  He wants to do better than he's done so far, but as we're about to see in our next strip, his wayward impulses still get the better of him.  In The Environauts, when Trey acquires his super-powers, he'll be called Cirrus. You'll also note that his wayward impulses are decidedly heterosexual ones.  For our gay visitors, take heart:  The Adventures of Lucky Vega will have gay characters and gay material as we roll along.  We now just happen to be introducing a very straight boy.  Keep an eye on Trey as our story unfolds.  As you'll also see, he's more than worth keeping an eye on.

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