Friday, January 31, 2014


This is the last of the Adventures of Lucky Vega strips that I have completed for the time being.  But a great many more are waiting in the thumbnail-sketch stage to be penciled, inked, and lettered for your entertainment in the weeks and months to come; we're nowhere near finished!  And you can rest assured that Quantum Comics Blog will not just be coasting until the strip resumes; I have some other goodies to show you in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, we leave off with Trey Blaisdell remembering what he's supposed to be doing this morning, which has nothing to do with the young waitress that he picked up last night, in whose apartment he's just woken up!  As Trey hurriedly tosses on his clothing (for now) and speeds out of the apartment, he leaves behind a girl that neither he nor we will ever see again and--though he can't know this now--speeds away to a future of wonderment and adventure such as he's never imagined!  We'll all be sharing in that wonderment soon, so keep coming back for more.

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